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bizShop Logo Uses & Restrictions - How to use the bizShop Logo

When used in printed materials, the Logo may be used only once and shall only be used to make accurate references to bizShop, products and/or services. The Logo should be displayed where the most prominent reference to bizShop is made.

When used in printed materials, you may use only the file(s) provided in (EPS) format; EPS files used in printed materials may be resized. The required Logo minimum size in printed materials is 2.00 inches wide.

The required area of empty space around the bizShop logo must be 1/3x, where x equals the height of the bizShop logo.

How not to use the bizShop Logo

  • The Logo may not be altered in any manner, including size, proportions, colors, elements, type, or in any other respect.

  • You may not animate, morph, or otherwise distort its perspective or dimensional appearance.

  • The Logo may not be a predominant feature on your printed materials. This means (at minimum) that it must appear smaller than your company logo. It may not be displayed larger or more prominently than other company logos on printed materials.

  • The Logo must be separated from your company name and logo and any other company or product names and logos by the space of one logo width or one inch, whichever is greatest.

  • The Logo may not be combined with any other graphic or textural elements and may not be used as a design element of any other logo or trademark.

Where Not to Use the Logo

  • You may not use the Logo to imply any relationship with bizShop that is not true.

  • You may not use the Logo to imply that bizShop is endorsing or sponsoring your company, product, services or merchandise.

  • You may not use the Logo on any products, services, business cards, letterhead or merchandise of your company.

  • You may not use the Logo in any material that directly or indirectly disparages bizShop, its products or services or its partners, resellers, or other related companies or their products or services; or in any way infringe upon any bizShop intellectual property.

  • You may not use the Logo on any web site or in printed materials that are in violation of any applicable laws or governmental regulations.

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