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What is the cost of BizShop compared to any other e-commerce software providers?
With any software, upgrades, support, hosting, hardware equipment, back up and training can end up costing you more than you bargained for. Plus they can be hard to set up. With BizShop, you pay either $90 per month or a one off annual fee and save $180. Thats it! (For full details, see the pricing page)

Why is it better to use BizShop than to develop your own e-store?
Developing web stores from scratch will cost you time and money without giving you the professional edge. BizShop is a cost-effective way to develop a professional on-line store without all the hassle but with all the desired functions: stock control, customer relations, newsletter management, search engine promotions, sales reports and invoicing, etc… and with bizShop based on one of the world's most popular online shopping cart systems in the world, you can't go wrong!

What are BizShop advantages?
  • Proven worldwide system
  • User friendly application
  • FREE technical support services
  • Completely customisable application
  • Advanced and ever-improving technology with free upgrades
  • Affordable monthly payments
  • 30 Day Money back guarantee

How does my BizShop store will help me to generate more sales?
Studies have shown if users can't find what they are looking for (in 12-15 seconds or 3 or less clicks), they click to the next site in the search engine. The BizShop store layout makes it fast and easy for your customers to reach their desired product destinations. The BizShop system also enables customers to add, edit and delete products (from the shopping cart) from every page. Your customers can keep shopping and adding products without moving away from their current shopping page. Both of these systems retain your customers on your BizShop web site.

How can I start a BizShop store?
Just contact us on or call us on +61 (08) 9470 1166 and we’ll set up your on-line store.

Will it take long to set up my store?
It will take approximately one hour to add a few products to the system and to familiarise yourself with the shopping cart program and it's proccesses. General product entry will take approximately one minute per product.

How do I get started once my BizShop on-line store is set up?
We provide free training sessions to explain how to get started. BizShop is a user friendly and intuitive application and after this training session, it should be very easy for you to get started.

Do I need any other tools to get started?
No. The BizShop system is complete and controlled by you from a web-based control panel. You have the ability to control your e-business from any computer connected to the Internet, anywhere in the world. There are no installations, plug-ins or downloads.

Who will be hosting and backing up my store?
BizShop will host and back up your store on our extremely reliable dedicated servers.

Can I customise my stores design and content?
Yes you can modify every aspect from site colours and fonts to button designs and curved page edges. Your store can change products, categories, shipping methods, discounts, payment types, product descriptions and much more BizShop enables you to add, edit and delete at will. This can be done from any computer connected to the Internet.! You can create a very unique and professional looking store on your own!

Is there any specific knowledge required to set up my Store?
You don't need any designing or programming knowledge to use the BizShop system. You do not need to understand HTML or other programming languages to build or maintain your store.

Does BizShop offer custom designs for my store?
Yes, BizShop offers a professional custom store template design. For further information, contact us on +61 (08) 9470 1166.

Do you have alerts for new orders?
Yes, not only we have alerts but we also have full administrative backend that enables you to log in and see customer purchases, report on products, to check on inventory etc.

Can customers log into the site to view the status of their order?
BizShop has a built in feature that allows customers to log into your site to view the status of an order. This feature significantly reduces call volume and enhances customer support.

Can I prevent sales information from being accessed by staff or others?
Your store will have password control to access administration and sales information and will never be published to BizShop staff or public.

Does BizShop offer their services world wide?
BizShop is based in Perth, Western Australia but provides their system to merchants all around the world.

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