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bizShop Manager
Category Setup 
Category Setup

  • Simple & Intuitive

  • Adding a category/product is just a click away.

  • To view product list, simply click on any preferred category.

  • 'Online Catalog' provides a direct link to the Storefront, enabling users to concurrently monitor the changes made.

Product Setup 
Product Setup

  • One page of product info to update

  • Calender allows adding upcoming stock prior to its launch.

  • Word Style Formatting. No need to be IT savvy to maintain bizShop.

Specail Setup 
Specials Set Up

  •  Select a product, set the discounts & date range and you are finished! bizShop takes care of the rest, - "Set and Forget". 

Sale Maker 
Sales Maker

  • Having storewide clearance sales? Or just on selected items?

  • Simply decide on category / categories, discounts & the date range.

  • Even run sales in sub categories you create.

Customer Database
Customer Database

  • View your customers, their orders & pricing groups.

  • Ideal for both retailer & wholesale operations.

  • Email customers individually or on mass.

  • Identify your key accounts.

Customer Info
Customer Info

  • Edit & update customer information & apply individual price structures to improve return business.  

View Orders View Orders

  •  Clearly lists all orders.

  •  View orders based on date, customers or status.

  •  Flexibillity in adjusting the order's status to suit your own business processes. 

Order Process 
Simple Order Processing

  •  Ease in updating order status .

  •  The options to notify customers about order status.

  •  Streamline ordering process.

  • Generate invoice / packing slip in just one click.                                  

Sales Analysis 
Sales Analysis

  •  View your best products, stock levels & your best customers!

Integration with Accounting Packages

  •  No more double handling.

  •  Save time

  •  Simply export to your accounting package.                             

Direct Marketing 
Electronic Direct Marketing

  •  Create Newsletters & Discount coupons & send electronically to all / selected customers.

  •  Cost effective direct marketing linking to your shop front products!

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