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Become Part of PerthShopping
When you purchase bizShop (and your business is based in Western Australia), you also become eligible to freely join, bizShops own online shopping directory website.

Based on the same principles of real world shopping centers, the purpose of PerthShopping is to provide a marketing channel for bizShop clients by bring them all together in one convenient place.

PerthShopping is a free value add system to help bizShop owners get the most out of their e-commerce system by increasing their exposure, traffic and sales.

Perth Shopping Screen Shot

Each individual client, once approved, is included within as part of bizShop's ongoing strategy to create a true online virtual shopping center and Western Australian based business marketplace.

PerthShopping helps create awareness and increases traffic for our clients as well as providing a convenient, safe online shopping experience for customers.

The Benefits Include:
  •    Free to join for bizShop clients
  •    Increased bizShop branding and exposure
  •    The ability to become a feature store and run specials to drive target traffic
  •    The ability to advertise and promote throughout the PerthShopping site
  •    Improve your bizShops Internet search engine postion

PerthShopping is sole funded by bizShop, with part proceeds of any revenue generated allocated to its continued marketing and branding within the local and international market.

For further information regarding or if you are interested in advertising and or strategic partnering, contact us on +61 8 9470 1166 or through our contact form.

To see PerthShopping in action, click on the banner below.

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